You know the drill. Your friend’s birthday is next week, Mothers’ Day is coming up or Christmas is suddenly once again around the corner. Gift buying panic soon sets in as you ponder the perfect present. But instead of buying another obligatory gift certificate or hurriedly stuffing cash in a card, take a few minutes to consider a handmade gift.

When you gift something handmade, you are saying that you care. It gives a loud and clear message that the recipient is important to you and that you put thought and love into the giving of the gift, instead of simply rushing through the motions.

handmade gemstone jewelry

Giving a handmade gift doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make it yourself. There are countless websites and boutiques that specialize in handmade, artisanal items. But whether you craft it yourself or leave that to the handmade professionals, here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

  1. Jewelry
    Handmade jewelry makes a beautiful keepsake for the recipient to treasure. When you choose to gift handcrafted earrings, bracelets or necklaces, it means that each piece is one of a kind instead of an indistinct bauble turned out in a factory by the thousands. A gift of handcrafted jewelry is one that any woman in your life would be proud to don. 

  2. Baked goods 
    Whether cookies, cakes, pies, or brownies, if your gift recipient has a sweet tooth, this simple gift is always a delight to receive. Bake something yourself or enlist a culinary-minded friend to help craft something delicious.

  3. Handmade Quilted Purses -jeannesbags.jpgHandbags
    Women love a good purse, and one that is completely unique and handmade may be the perfect gift for your mom, sister, or best friend. This gift is best suited to someone you know well, as personal style is a major factor when choosing a handbag.

  4. Bath products
    Luxuriously scented soap, bath bubbles, bath salts, and other handmade toiletries are easy gifts to give. Unlike clothing or accessories, bath products can be used by anyone no matter what their personal style.

  5. Candles
    A handmade candle or candleholder makes a great gift for housewarming parties, engagements, weddings, or teachers. What better gift can you give than adding a dose of light and warmth to someone’s home?

  6. Keychains 
    Sometimes, when a small gift or token of appreciation is all that’s needed, a keychain, coin purse, or other small accessory is the perfect item to give. These types of gifts are inexpensive yet still show you care.

  7. Home Décor, Garden Art, Flowers, and Plate Art
    People love their homes, and giving a gift that adds beauty and color to the interior or exterior of a friend’s house or apartment is the perfect way to show your love. Consider art like mosaic tiles or stepping-stones for walls or gardens, flowers to display in a kitchen window, or a decorative plate to hang on a wall.

  8. Art, Paintings, or Drawings
    Giving something extremely personal such as a painting or drawing shows that you have put a lot of thought into the gift. Steer away from giving a present this person to people you don’t know well, as individual art taste can be difficult to judge.

  9. Handmade Glass Objects 
    Hand-blown glass has an enchanting, mystical quality that will impress the recipient. Items like vases and paperweights are not only beautiful but are easy for the recipient to incorporate into their home or office’s interior design.

  10. Handmade iPod Cases
    A fun new trend is the personalized iPod or iPhone case. Websites like sell hand-designed cases by up-and-coming graphic designers, or upload your own photo to have it emblazoned on the case of your choice. 
September 14, 2013 — Leslie Patrick

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