something blue ankletsArt is the wonderful expression of our creative skill and imagination. Usually, we picture a painting or a sculpture or a work of music, but I offer this thought -- jewelry, too, is art, appreciated for its beauty and emotional power. 

The beaded jewelry I make is singular, each piece rising from the blending of my imagination with my skill in selecting and combining the perfect elements to create a specific piece of jewelry. Like all artists, I do it for the simple joy of creating.

Art, of course, requires a setting. Your body is the setting for my work. It's the canvas for the painting, the stone for the sculpture, the sheet for the music around which my imagination builds. Consider how beautiful you are!

I see in a wrist a simple curving symmetry, extending gently from arm to's a lovely spot from which to drape a sparkling bead bracelet, to wrap a crystal and bead bangle. Necks have a gentle elegance to their shape, a flow from jaw line to base that I just can't ignore. Soft throats are the perfect location for a graceful necklace of beads and pearls to repose. Ankles have a firmer aspect, but are an undeniable situation for a delicate circle of color and sweet shiny beads. Earlobes--they're so wistful, such fine spun bits of flesh! I can't help but reward them with gleaming droplets of beads and iridescent glass.

I make my unique beaded jewelry to enhance every curvature and line that is the unique you. Contact us, and select some pieces of my scintillating art to celebrate your beautiful body!

May 02, 2016 — SWCreations Jewelry

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