Light--one of the basic elements of our existence. It gives us sight, perception, and affects our health and our moods. How it reflects from some surfaces, glides over other surfaces, and filters through yet others are one of its most beautiful aspects. 

Jewelry loves light and light plays with it in return.  After all, the word jewelry comes from the word jewel, the anglicized form of the Old French word "jouel". That came from the Latin word "jocale", which actually means plaything! 

One of the things I love most about creating handmade jewelry is designing the way light chooses to play with it. A reflection here, a gleam there, a sparkle dancing along a strand of beads or leaping out from crystals--it’s exciting to put the components together, to choose for me how intensely the light plays with any given section of my creations.

Playing with Light in Beaded Jewelry

Crystals, in particular, absorb and bend and release light in the most engaging way. Nature designed them charmingly, with a molecular lattice that repeats and repeats, resulting in a geometric shape that light strides through in a manner persistent to each specific crystal type. When it exits via a smooth facet face, the light literally jazzes across it and your eyes see--sparkles!

I love sparkling jewelry! Don't you?

Every separate element of my controls lights differently. Pearls have luster; they glow! The Latin lux, from which luster derives, means--yes--light!   Solid beads and glass beads reflect light, scattering it back into your eyes like delicious beams skittering over water! Gemstones gleam and shine and, as minerals, exude earth essence.

rainbow crystal heart

Remember, my unique jewelry always brings you back to the light and the sparkle. Colors pirouette from surfaces, facets flicker radiance, soft sheen whispers from pearls...wrap yourself from ears to neck, from wrist to ankle, in the joy of captured light!     

Please, browse through our selections, and contact us to learn more about the various elements from which we make our jewelry. For extra and interesting details, check out the articles and glossary available on the SWCreations website. Most importantly, let us give you sparkle!

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April 14, 2016 — SWCreations Jewelry

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