About the Couple:

the marriageStephanie White is first and foremost a mother to her daughter, Kyndra, who has always been the light of her life and always her most important priority.  Stephanie has a very creative soul, and has been designing jewelry her entire life.  She never realized just how big of a part of her life jewelry would become until she created her own jewelry store, in 2000.  Every piece she creates is as special and original as she, and all that Stephanie does, from raising her daughter to designing jewelry, is done with passion in her heart and with love for the God who has given her so many blessings.  

Montey Adkison has been an amazing single dad to his 10-year-old daughter, Shelby, for six years.  He sets great examples for her and others by volunteering his time to help those in need with various projects.  A modest man, he never calls any attention to all the good he does, nor does he ever expect anything in return.  He is one of those unique people in life who see a need and takes care of that need right away.  With Montey Adkison, what you see is what you get…which is someone very special! 

How They Met:

Her version:    We met during hurricane season when we both volunteered our time to rebuild a fence for a woman at our church. Montey often tells the story of how I walked up in pink sweat pants and a white tank top with a power drill... he liked that.

There was an instant spark that day and I just knew I had to know him.  We both went to the same church and just hadn't crossed paths.  We are most certainly equally yoked.  I gave it up to God several months earlier figuring my picker was broken.  God brought me Montey. :)

His version:  I volunteered to help restore a fence for one of the members of my Sunday school class. I showed up early to the job site and began salvaging the lumber from the remaining pieces. By the time other members showed up, I was getting pretty dirty and had ripped my jeans. My t-shirt was no longer white but soaked with sweat and dirt covered.
The management of the job had pretty much been turned over to me and I started off by cutting the posts to size and then assembling the stringers. Well, then it was time for the pickets to go on. All of a sudden, there was this beautiful woman there. She had on tennis shoes, pink sweat pants and a white t-shirt too. The best thing of all was she had a screw gun with her and volunteered to put the pickets on with it. What was even better was the fact that she knew how to use it.
We talked and talked while we put those pickets up. She told me all about her job and had the best smile I had ever seen. She even talked with my daughter and seemed very natural about it. Well, we finished the fence all too soon and it was time to say good bye. I invited her to see the single parent movie but she seemed to feel a little out of place going to see a Disney movie without her daughter (ex-husbands weekend to have her). Anyways, she smiled as she drove off and I smiled too even as she almost ran me over. I knew I had found someone very special!

The Proposal:

The proposal took place outside of that same fence.  He said, "We have built a fence together and now I would like us to build a life together.  Will you marry me?"  In the trunk, he had champagne and Godiva chocolate with beautiful blue champagne glasses.  So we stood in the alley way drinking champagne and eating chocolate. This is where the story began and there are sure to be more stories to come.

The Wedding:

Montey and Stephanie chose to have a very simple marriage ceremony.  They picked a day when both of their daughters could be there to be a part of their union.  It was a wonderful day for everyone involved—they even felt relaxed and peaceful, rather than stressed and anxious.  It was truly a simple, stress-free, ceremony—exactly what they wanted!

The Honeymoon:

Stephanie and Montey arranged for both of the girls to be with relatives and they drove to San Antonio for the weekend.  They stayed at a lovely hotel right on the River Walk, and spent the days walking, talking, shopping, taking riverboat rides and visiting tourist attractions.  They enjoyed one of their first dinners together as a married couple 900 feet in the sky at the restaurant in Tower of the Americas.  The restaurant floor rotated as they dined so they were able to enjoy a spectacular view of all the lights of the town.  Neither one of them could remember a time when they had more fun or laughed so much.