Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and you may start to notice stores and shops decorating for the season. We see the traditional colors - red and pink - everywhere this time of year: in wreaths on front doors, in TV commercials, in flower arrangements and more. However, one of the most common places you will find these colors is in jewelry.

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Gifting jewelry, especially items such as heart-shaped pendants and diamond rings and earrings, is a Valentine’s Day custom. Jewelry makes a perfect gift for your valentine, especially when it includes the colors that have traditionally symbolized love and affection. The color red has long been tied to love. In the 17th century, red dye was very hard to get and expensive. Therefore, red clothing was viewed as a symbol of power and wealth. If someone received a garment dyed red, it meant that the gifter cared deeply for them, enough to spend a good deal of money to buy them something rare and expensive. Today, while red dye is much cheaper, the color’s significance as a symbol of love and caring remains. Ancient Roman brides often wore red veils and the color remains much-loved for brides in China today. Giving a red rose to your significant other is also a popular romantic gesture.

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Pink is a mix of white and red, and therefore represents a combination of the meanings of both colors. White is usually a minor Valentine’s Day color itself, but mostly used as an accent to detract from the bright reds and pinks. The color white is used to show purity and innocence. A white heart represents a strong, powerful and undying love. While pink symbolizes love as red does, the addition of white gives it a gentler, lighter and less bold look. This can feel more playful and innocent, like puppy love. The color is also known to have a calming effect on people. The colors red and white on their own can often feel harsh. The color brings a brighter feeling to the Valentine color scheme. Jewelry only became a Valentine’s Day tradition in the last several decades, but it has become a classic gift. It's gorgeous, and can last for generations.

heart earrings

Jewelry is considered a personal and intimate gift because it is often tailored to the personality of the recipient and is often expensive and so reserved for people who mean the most to you. Pieces with stones such as rubies, pink topaz, and rose quartz are great options as they reflect the colors of Valentine’s Day. Anything heart-shaped, such as a charm, ring or pendant is also a perfect choice, as it captures the spirit of the season.

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Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday that reminds everyone that we always need a bit of love in our lives. When you see the colors red and pink around February 14th, remember the meanings behind the colors and the reason why jewelry is a wonderful gift for your partner this Valentine’s Day.

February 08, 2021 — SWCreations Jewelry