breast cancer awareness

October is the month for Thinking Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. On my way home from the gym, I passed by a group of women dressed in pink and wearing their bras on the outside of their shirts. I felt so inspired to create some pink jewelry designs for Breast Cancer Awareness. You will see these designs in my store under the Awareness Jewelry category.

In 2004, fourteen years ago, I received a call from my mother, and she told me she had Breast Cancer. They had found a very small lump that was malignant. This lump was very small; about 1 cm and a self-exam would not have been able to detect this small mass. My mother had hoped the biopsy results would come back benign that day. That day, after I hung up the phone, I just cried because I was afraid, this cancer would take my mother. I knew so little about Breast Cancer at that time.

breast cancer awareness

My mother ended up having a Lumpectomy plus Radiation therapy. I flew out to see her the day after her surgery, and I couldn’t believe she was the one picking me up at the airport. My mother is one tough cookie!

Today, more than fourteen years later, my mother is still cancer free. Once you pass that five-year mark there is a 95% chance the cancer is cured or in remissions.

October 01, 2018 — SWCreations Jewelry