Are you looking for the perfect gift for that someone special in your life? Maybe you're looking forward to a romantic Valentine's Day or you're just looking for a thank you gift for your children's favorite sitter. Either way, you may want to consider a piece of handmade jewelry.

A personal expression

Jewelry is an expression of the wearer's personality. What better gift, then, than a piece of jewelry that matches the personality of the gift recipient? There are so many possible combinations of color, size, texture... You're sure to find the perfect gift to match any wearer's personality when you choose something that's handmade.

ruby heart handmade earrings

Rather than settling for a commercially made piece that's a fairly good match, consider a one-of-a-kind piece handcrafted by a jewelry artisan. Such a piece will be as unique as the person who receives it as a gift! Quirky, sophisticated, down-to-earth, bold, or introverted, there's a piece of jewelry for any personality.

Match that personality!

Someone with a big, bold personality might appreciate an equally big and bold necklace. On the other hand, an introvert might be appalled at the idea of wearing such a bold statement piece! She would probably prefer a sedate (but sparkling!) strand of small Swarovski crystals in a range of her favorite colors.

Give a quirky anklet to your equally quirky friend. That down-to-earth country girl just might appreciate a chunky bracelet in a range of earthy colors. Or show how much you appreciate your sophisticated mother-in-law by giving her a pair of pearl and crystal earrings. 

Customize it to match the recipient

If you still haven't found quite the right piece, consider having a piece of jewelry custom designed as a gift. Choose a type of jewelry and a color or color combination. Then ask us to design something beautiful for the recipient. We'll be happy to oblige! If you have a certain size or style of bead in mind, we'll even do our best to accommodate those wishes, too. Contact us for details on finding that perfect one-of-a-kind gift for your special person!  

January 27, 2019 — SWCreations Jewelry