If you are looking for a unique and festive accessory this holiday season, consider adding a one of a kind anklet to your favorite outfit. Beaded anklets are not only for lazy summer days. They can be just the piece to set off your style in cold weather too.

Adding a little flare to a casual skirt and sweater is easy. Choose an anklet with bright colors that stand out against dark tights. A coordinated anklet is a lovely way to carry colors across your whole outfit. Be sure to select a style that is less likely to snag on tights. This lovely example is made with rainbow cats eye anklet and is sure to brighten up even the dreariest of winter days.

amethyst beaded anklet

Holiday parties are another chance to add a sparkly accent to your ankle. If you are embracing the colors of the season and dancing the night away in your favorite holiday dress, add a little extra cheer with a complimentary piece like this anklet made from red Swarovski Austrian crystals. More formal events are a wonderful place to highlight the season’s crystalline beauty with elegance. This anklet made from black gemstone anklet will set those new heals and little black dress off with just the right shimmer.

purple crystal anklets

If you just can’t give up those gorgeous new boots, no fear. Turning three complimentary anklets into a chain should give you two nice loops around the ankle of your boot. This charming look works well whether you are wearing your boots over skinny jeans or with your new sweater dress. As with anklets worn over tights, be careful when selecting styles that could leave marks or scratches on your boots.

red ladybug anklets

If you are looking for beaded anklets to add to your winter accessories contact us. We have a wide variety and can help you find just the right size and style to make your winter sparkle a little brighter.

December 03, 2018 — SWCreations Jewelry