You’re not alone! Ever since Black Friday first became a nationwide event in the ’50s, it has continued to grip the nation. But later on as everything went online, so did the much sought-after sales event. ‘Cyber Monday’ is the internet’s answer to Black Friday — and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to fill up your accessory collection with new handmade jewelry!

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There are some things you should be careful about when buying handcrafted jewelry online, so here are some tips.

Find a Reliable Vendor

Not every online jewelry store is genuine; many are actually scams!

That’s why it’s important for you to do some in-depth research about the vendor you want to buy from. Look up its track record, check store policies, read reviews on the company page, and try to find out if they have a good reputation. You can even join community pages on social media sites like Facebook to read about previous customers’ experiences with the vendor.

Thoroughly Browse the Store Catalog

Don’t just add something to your cart on impulse!

Take your time to go through the entire product catalog and explore your options. Most of the time, 83% of customers don’t end up buying products they previously put in their online shopping carts. So, instead of buying on impulse and regretting it later, browse through the catalog and narrow down your wishlist.

Ask for Actual Product Pictures

If there are no actual product pictures (stock images don’t count!) on the online store, you should try to reach out to the owner/s and ask for pictures. It is your right, as a potential paying customer, to know exactly what you’re buying. An illegitimate online jewelry designer will be the only one to refuse you this service.

Measure Your Size before Ordering

This is a very important aspect of buying any wearable item online!

You should know your size before you place an order. Grab some tools and measure your wrist size for handmade bracelets, custom anklets, rings, and necklaces. Then, check to see if the online jewelry store offers the size you want. It’s better to look for another vendor that offers your exact size than assume that a smaller or larger one will fit.

Where to Buy Beautiful Handmade Jewelry Online

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November 06, 2021 — Jonah Truong