valentines jewelry history

Valentine's Day is the day to show your lover how much you love them. The reason Valentine's Day exists is a person named Valentine, and there are two origins of him. Valentine marrying people in secret because there was a ban on marriage is one of them. This act cost him his life. Valentine sending a love letter to a prison officer's daughter is the other one. Since he was helping Christians escape, he died for his actions. He received a holiday named in his honor. It started as a Christian holiday until 1382. After Chaucer recited a poem at a royal feast on February 14, 1383, it became a holiday of romance.

As the years went by Valentine's Day became commercialized. People are willing to spend money in order to show affection, and companies were willing to accommodate. In the 1700s, the "love notes" were the early Valentine's Day card. One hundred forty-seven years later, Esther Howland produced the first Valentine's Day card. Another sixty-six years would go by before Hallmark made the first Valentine's Day cards. The mass success of Valentine's Day cards opened the door for more gift-giving ideas. Flowers and chocolate came forward and took the industry to new heights.

The history of Valentines jewelry didn't occur until the 1980's. The massive success of cards, flowers and candy as Valentine's Day gifts caught the eye of the Diamond industry. A simple idea - giving jewelry as a symbol of love - brought customers to their stores. Diamonds became a romantic symbol of Valentine's Day, and soon gold, silver and gemstones joined the Diamond industry. The success of this tradition has turned into a 15 billion dollar idea as of 2009, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Today there is jewelry specifically made for this holiday, while other stores offer sales to bring customers in. The internet expanded the holiday through e-cards and e-gift cards/certificates for online shopping.

Giving jewelry is one of the most popular Valentine's Day traditions. Show your affection by purchasing jewelry for your girlfriend or boyfriend on Valentine's Day. A wonderful gift is long-lasting. When a piece of jewelry is given with a thoughtful gesture, the memory will never be forgotten. For more information on jewelry, contact us.