Whether you are shopping for the perfect gift or for yourself, one of the gifts that you can never go wrong with is handmade jewelry. The feeling of giving and receiving a gift is unmatched. And when you are on a on a mission to find the perfect gift to pay back the favor or just to put a smile on someone’s face, handmade jewelry is the way to go. The uniqueness and originality of the piece show how much you appreciate your loved ones. It doesn't matter what piece you choose because it is the thought that matters. Giving jewelry as a gift is on only confirmed to women, men love jewelry too! Below are some reasons why you should put handmade jewelry from SWCreations on your radar for a gift.

gemstone earrings 

  1. They are Unequivocally Unique.

At SWCreations Jewelry, our exclusive jewelry designs are created with a variety of one-of-a-kind beads that create rarely identical products. Stephanie takes pride in purchasing one-of-a-kind pendants and handcrafted or limited-edition beads to ensure that most of her pieces are totally original. Our jewelry designs are often copied, but our quality is incomparable and unmatched.

  1. They are Dependable.

You get the best of the best materials. When it comes to handmade jewelry, Stephanie would never risk losing clients over counterfeit materials. Therefore, you are receiving a piece that can be relied on for years to come and would make great heirlooms for your family members.

  1. They are Made With Love.

What sets Stephanie’s jewelry apart is that none of her designs are mass-produced. Each meticulously handcrafted piece is unique. She starts by holding a unique pendant or amazing beads in her creative hands – allowing their attributes to ultimately determine the design to come.

  1. You Will be Supporting A Small Business.

It is important to show small businesses love in the modern market. Designing jewelry gave Stephanie a healthy outlet at a time when she had some major health challenges as well as a toxic home environment. The same year her daughter was born, she was encouraged by friends to showcase her talent and thus SWCreations was also born. Since every piece of jewelry is made with love and passion, you will get to love their work.

  1. You will get Extraordinary Customer Service.

While her business has grown enormously in the past few years, Stephanie always maintains personal relationships with her customers – assuring they are happy with their purchases and service. In turn, her customers are very loyal, returning frequently to discover new treasures for themselves and others that will give pleasure for years ahead.

The next time you are thinking about wanting to purchase a piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one, consider handmade ones. It is always a plus supporting small businesses and getting a unique piece!

February 13, 2021 — Kevin Hermansen