Read as our handmade jewelry expert discusses three unique ideas you can go for:

1. Wedding Footwear

Wear ‘something blue’ with your footwear or its accent on the shoe’s sole. You can add a special touch to your wedding dress with an all-blue heel. If you prefer a gentler look, a softer shade that’s either in suede or satin will be the ideal fit. Plus, your royal heels will be wearable again after the wedding day — giving you a chance to remember those amazing memories.

Buy gem stickers that say ‘I do’ or go with the possibility of writing ‘I do’ on the soles of your footwear. The addition of that special touch to an item on your wedding day makes it a lot more special. You can also get your fiancé in on the fun by asking them to add an ‘I do’ on the back of their shoes.

2. Patchwork

This is another beautiful ‘something blue’ option. Take material from a blouse and sew a heart-shaped, colorful patch into your dress. This sentimental piece will make your day even more special. Plus, it’ll also qualify for ‘something borrowed.’

Depending on how your wedding dress is styled, the piece could either go toward the bottom of the skirt or at the top. If you’re looking to show off the important section of the blouse, sew it on the outside of your dress. Regardless of where the patch is positioned, it’ll always have a special place in your heart.

Depending on how big you would like it to be and where you want to sew it, ensure you allow yourself enough time to add those alterations to your wedding dress.

3. SWCreations’ handmade wedding jewelry

You can also add sparkle to your wedding outfit by adding SWCreations’ something blue handcrafted wedding jewelry. SWCreations also have something blue wedding sapphire custom wedding beaded anklets so the brides can wear the beaded anklet under their gown.

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