The Glass Diversion Valentine Frit was a lovely blend. It is mostly opaque blend and reacted nicely on many opaque bases. The blend has a range of pink colors that looked especially nice on Opal and New Violet. 

Using clear did not work well because the color wasn’t dense enough, but I did not try it again with more frit to see if the color intensifies. The blend looked good on white, opal yellow, and periwinkle.

Handmade Candy Pink Lampwork Beads Set SRA

All these beads have Valentine Frit on different base glass colors. Cherry Shake, New Violet, Turquoise.

I especially liked the reaction on New Violet, Dark Turquoise, and Cherry Shake? Silver Pink had an interesting reaction. These beads actually remind me of those M&M speckled chocolate eggs you get around Easter.

February 25, 2021 — Stephanie White

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