These lampwork focal beads got their name because they remind me of sunken treasure. They have a mixture of transparent colors over silver foil and silver mesh. The transparent colors over silver really brighten up the focal bead and ad beautiful colors. In some beads, I added gold or silver mica flakes to add extra shimmer. All of the beads also contain a hand-pulled shimmering bands of gold aventurine. 

These lampwork beads can be a little trickier to shape because the layers go on unevenly and requires extra time to even them up before shaping them into flat ovals. These might look nice not flattening them and just leaving them in the olive or oval shape. 

This first one is one of my favorites. I really like how all the elements came together. The blue iridescent effect was created by using Triton Double Helix and reducing it. The contrast looks great next to the orange, pink, and yellow that was created by putting Rhea over silver foil. 

Fiery Sunken Treasure Lampwork Bead

This bead was equally as pretty. The colors were just a little brighter in this bead. The silver glass created an interesting cloudy line through the front. This was the third bead made from this series. 

Rainbow Sunken Treasure Lampwork Bead

This bead was also gorgeous and mostly has Rhea fuchsia and Thea purple colors. These colors look beautiful next to each other. A little bit of reduced Triton in the center with plenty of gold mica. This side looked lovely with the goldstone framing the mesh that has an orange coppery look. This bead also had a hand-pulled white semi-transparent twist stringer that gave it nice contract.

pink sunken treasure lampwork bead


These lampwork focal beads sold quickly, but they are fun to make, and I will make more. It is fun to see what color combinations I can created within my layers. The colors are applied in a more random or organic fashion and that is probably the reason they all look so unique. I couldn't make the exact same bead again if I tried. 

September 01, 2022 — Stephanie White

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