These beads were a bit of a happy accident. In the twisted stringer, I completely forgot to add black. However, it really created an interesting look. These beads have gold aventurine in the twists which adds a nice shimmer to the beads. It almost reminds me of how paid looks on fabric the way the twists look. You can really see it on the black bead. 

These beads are created with weeping willow, lavender blue, turquoise, purple rose, dragon, and black base colors. I didn't use ivory as a base because I worried the twists would not show up. Although I bet this would look good over opal yellow, blue, and possibly coral red. Some colors had more reactions than others. Camouflage in the middle had a very nice reaction on the sides. 

shimmer twists lampwork beads

shimmer twist lampwork beads

shimmer twists lampwork beads

October 08, 2022 — Stephanie White

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