A customer was looking for some magenta beads which turns out looks more like Double Helix Euros. So I will give it another go this weekend and see if I can create similar beads in the right color. Making all these beads side by side was great for me to see the different shades side-by-side. 

pink & purple lampwork beads

To keep track of which color was which I basically color-coded the rods with some rubber bands. I matched these colors with my notes of the blends I used and which ones I mixed together. It gave me some concern these rubber bands would catch fire, but they didn't even heat up. I probably could have pushed the rods a little further in the kiln.

lampwork beads

The beads in this blend are Pink Flamingo & Moonflower and Violet Fire blends. The Violet Fire is such a pretty fuchsia-purple color and I wish I could get more of this blend, but I have a decent amount left to go through. 

pink lampwork beads

This one is a mixture of Jewels Verna & Moonflower and then Pink Lipstick. Adding Moonflower to Jewels Verna brightens up the purple and adds just a touch more pink. The Pink Lipstick is just slightly more purple than my Pink Flamingo & Moonflower blend above.

pink purple lampwork beads

These are both great blends. They are Bubblicous by itself and then  Bubblicous & Moonflower together. I almost couldn't tell the different here if I hadn't color-coded the rods. Adding more ratio of Moonflower would probably brighten this up to more of a pink. You can see there is just a little more pink to this blend and it seemed to make them slightly more opaque. 

purple lampwork beads

pink & purple lampwork beads

All of these beads look so pretty that I mixed them up in a set together. This was a great exercise anyway to see all these beads side-by-side. 

In the next set of beads, my goal was to get more magenta colors. I still ended up with lighter pink beads from some of the combinations. However, there as a nice range of darker pinks.

Pinks and Magenta Lampwork Beads

 Frit Combinations (left to right):

  1. Euros + Moonflower Frit
  2. Euros + Blossom Frit
  3. HWP + Blossom Frit
  4. Clear + Wild Raspberry Frit + Blossom
  5. Fuchsia Pink + Wild Raspberry Frit
  6. Fuchsia Pink + Wild Raspberry Frit + Blossom Frit
  7. Peony Pink Frit
  8. HWP + Moonflower Frit (extra)
  9. HWP + Jewels Verna Frit
  10. HWP + Violet Fire Frit

The Euros is a Double Helix pink. The HWP is one of Double Helix seconds. The clear I used was Oceanside 96 COE clear. The colors are quite pretty and would make a nice set all mixed up. I kept these in order in order to keep track.


July 13, 2023 — Stephanie White

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