Kaleidoscope Reduction Frit Lampwork Beads

I am thrilled with the stunning outcome of these beads! I used some chunky frits from Val Cox reduction series, and they worked like magic, producing a mesmerizing array of kaleidoscope colors over a sleek black base. While experimenting with several frits in this set, I must admit that I didn't keep precise records of which frits gave rise to specific colors. Nevertheless, the blend of colors they created together is simply breathtaking and harmonious. The beauty of these beads lies in the delightful mystery of their creation, resulting in a truly captivating and unique masterpiece.

Reduction Frit:

• Isabella

• Trudy

• Lillie

• Triton

After owning these frits for an extensive period, I hadn't even realized if they were still listed on their website. Back when I initially attempted to use them, I couldn't achieve any remarkable effects, which led me to give up trying. However, recently, I decided to give them another shot, placing them over clear glass, and to my surprise, the iridescent quality intrigued me to experiment further. I took a leap and tried them over black glass, and voila! Something magical happened!

In the focal bead below, I added the same frit over black and it made for a lovely background. The reduction frit looks really nice over black and creates iridescent blue and green colors. 

This makes me want to test some other reduction blends in this same combination or in a larger focal bead. It also makes me realize you might not be able to get the current reduction frits in the future. 

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