Lately, I have found joy in creating these lovely floral beads. The way the flowers look within the bead is truly captivating. By incorporating different colors in both front and back petals, it adds a wonderful dimension to the design.

During the initial stages of making this bead, I experimented with a small amount of Reichenbach red glass in the first layer of petals followed by a layer of white on top. The result was a soft pink hue, created by the red glass showing through the slightly transparent white petal. This inspired me to consider a combination of red and pale pink floral design.

white & red floral lampwork bead

For the following bead, I incorporated Double Helix Rhea on top of periwinkle for the first layer of petals, followed by Rhea pink on top of white for the upper petals. This resulted in a stunning two-toned floral pattern. To enhance the design further, I included gold mica and green frit as background accents.

pink floral lampwork bead

Following that, I endeavored to incorporate a Reichenbach glass colors in my bead-making process. However, I discovered that I needed to take a more gradual approach when melting the bead due to the way the colors expand more than the transparent ones. In contrast, the transparent colors seemed to be more tolerant of the heat. It does create more of a watercolor effect with the way the colors spread.

Purple Floral Lampwork Beads

In this bead, I created a multicolor base out of scraps and added white petals with a touch of pink to the petals. The second layer of petals only used white.

Pink & White Floral Lampwork Beads

In conclusion, creating beautiful beads can be a rewarding and fulfilling craft that allows for endless creative possibilities. By experimenting with different colors, techniques, and materials, you can develop your own unique style and bring your visions to life. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artisan, there is always something new to learn and discover in the world of bead-making. So why not explore your creativity and start making your own stunning beads today?

Additionally, if you're not a bead-maker yourself, there are many talented lampwork bead artists who create beautiful handmade beads that you can purchase to use in your jewelry designs or you can purchase one of my floral beads. These unique and one-of-a-kind beads can add a special touch to any piece of jewelry and support independent artists in the process.

April 04, 2023 — Stephanie White
Tags: flower beads

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