It seems that most of my frit blends lean towards turquoise or teal green, with fewer true blue shades. However, by combining different frit blends, I was able to create a beautiful range of blues, from dark to light. I also added shimmering blue and gold aventurine for extra sparkle.

blue lampwork beads

Frit Blends:

  • Starry Night
  • House of Blues
  • Sapphire

To achieve a variety of blue shades in my beads, I experimented with the amount of frit used. Adding more frit created a denser color, while using less frit produced a lighter, more diluted effect. To enhance the depth and add a touch of shimmer, I incorporated blue aventurine, which darkened the beads and added sparkle. In other beads, I added some gold aventurine to create sparkling spiral effects. In some beads, I mixed different frit blends together, resulting in unique and complex color variations.

blue lampwork beads
May 27, 2024 — Stephanie White
Tags: blue blue frit

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