Hillary Lawson recently taught me a valuable lesson - applying dichroic glass upside down results in a much cleaner and smoother finish. In the past, I applied the glass on top and the dichroic facing my bead, which made a bulkier layer of glass and required more effort to smooth out. However, when I inverted the dichroic glass, it laid down much more cleanly, making it easier to encase.

Blue Metals Dichroic Lampwork Bead


This one has dichroic accents on the outside applied similarly, upside down.

Teal Green Dichroic Lampwork Bead

This technique worked well in all of my beads this week. 

Purple Dichroic Gem Lampwork Glass Bead

I've used this technique in all my beads this week, including the Blue Metals Dichroic Lampwork Bead, Teal Green Dichroic Lampwork Bead, and the Purple Dichroic Gem Lampwork Glass Bead. The results have been exceptional, with the dichroic accents on the outside looking sharper and more defined.

Overall, I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn new techniques and incorporate them into my work. Hillary Lawson's method has proven to be incredibly effective and has helped me elevate my glasswork to the next level.

March 12, 2023 — Stephanie White


Rhi said:

Thank you for sending me a link to your work. This is great.
I ,too, was taught to apply the dicker with the Dichro facing down and the clear glass on top. I haven’t tried your way (Hillary Lawson’s) but I wonder if this way works with the Dichro having black on the back of it?

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