November 27th, 2007

Own Your Own Button

…and I’m not talking about those extra ones that come with your new shirt or jacket. If you want to give a gift this season that is not only beautiful but empowering as well, then you need to check outSWCreations Jewelry’s collection of vintage button pendants and necklaces.

vintage button jewelryMy BeadLoved Buttons speaks a great truth: “If you own your own button, then it can not be pushed!” Stephanie, the woman behind this fabulous concept, found there was always someone you encounter in life that enjoys confrontation. After dealing with just this type of person one day, she decided her “buttons” belonged to her and they could only be pushed if she allowed it. From that experience came the beautiful collection of necklaces created as as a symbol to “own your own button” and remind us all it is our choice not to respond. With that in mind, how can owning your own button not be top on your wish list this season?

I received her classic Vitrail Jade Gemstone Vintage Button necklace. Created with jade and fancy jasper gemstones, Czech glass beads, Swarovski Austrian crystals, dark green iris seed beads, and sterling silver, this piece is breathtaking! The vintage button, which hangs on a silver-plated backing, blends beautifully with the necklace. Who knew a simple button could be turned into such an exquisite work of art–and a piece that empowers all women to take ownership of their own button?

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to give your mom, sister, or girlfriend then a vintage button necklace from SWCreations’ My BeadLoved Buttons collection is it. And while you’re empowering someone else be sure and take charge of your own button (i.e. buy one for yourself as well). Don’t forget to browse SWCreations bead art, earrings, men’s jewelry, watches, and Stephanie’s new line of Fruits of the Spirit key necklaces–another great collection and concept!


November 27, 2007 — SWCreations Jewelry

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