It’s September which means that it’s the month of the beautiful sapphire. These sparkling gemstones are one of the three precious stones which have their base in the crystalline form of aluminum oxide: corundum. Rubies and padparadscha are corundum cousins of our typically blue, glittering sapphires which differ from their beautiful relations because of the very special inclusion of trace element, iron.

Yet not all sapphires are blue. If you have a September birthday, but the rich cobalt of your birthstone just doesn’t suit you, there are a great number of dazzlingly colored sapphires to bedeck yourself with. Their myriad colors all stem back to the trace element which found its way into that particular piece of corundum. Every skin tone has a jewel that looks perfect next to it – find your skin tone’s perfect sapphire with this helpful little guide:

midMidtone – The darker, pinker tint in midtone skin is not a perfect match for a classic blue sapphire. If you want to wear a sapphire with this skin tone, opt for a more unusual stone. Green sapphires, created thanks to the presence of the trace element Magnesium, are a good choice as they have a warm glow which flatters that of your skin instead of exaggerating its pinker tones. Avoid yellow sapphires as these will clash with your palette.

fairFair – A very fair skin tone is the perfect backdrop for a rich, dark sapphire. A classic blue gemstone works flawlessly next to skin which has very little ‘pink’ in it, creating an ethereal look which showcases the stone’s sparkle and your skin’s clarity perfectly.

oliveOlive – A darker, more olive complexion however, looks beautiful next to yellow sapphire, with both skin and stone taking on a delicate, glittering radiance from each other. Avoid pink sapphires as they tend to get lost on olive skin tones. The yellow sapphire comes from the inclusion of titanium, creating this unusual, subtly beautiful jewel.

darkDark – Again, a classic blue sapphire looks gorgeous on dark skin, taking on a deeper, more mysterious resonance. A pink-orange, ‘firelike’ sapphire, the Vietnamese padparadscha which is created through the presence of copper traces, looks absolutely magical on a dark complexion.

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September 01, 2018 — SWCreations Jewelry