Though this is the month that welcomes the Autumn season, September's birthstone is not quite a Fall-type color, and that stone is the beautiful Blue Sapphire. Deep blue in hue, a Sapphire can make any piece of jewelry pop as a detail bead or stone, or as the centerpiece to necklace, or even a pair of earrings. Sapphire Swarovski Austrian crystals can make your Something Blue Jewelry for the Bride. Be it a stunning look ready to grace a runway, or just a piece to compliment and outfit for a night out on the town, the Blue Sapphire is nothing short of versatile. 

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Since ancient times, the Blue Sapphire has always been linked to royalty. Back in the days of ancient Greece and Rome, members of royalty were convinced that Blue Sapphires protected the wearer from harm and from envy. Even in more modern times, in 1981 to be exact, did you know that Princess Diana was given a Blue Sapphire as an engagement ring from Prince Charles? 

Centuries ago and still to this day, a lot of people use the Blue Sapphire for its metaphysical properties. Many people believe that stones and certain minerals hold certain energy and vibration and believe that certain stones can aid in many helpful ways. The Blue Sapphire is a stone symbolizing prosperity and is also associated with wisdom. Blue Sapphires are thought to help promote dreaming, even some forms of astral travel and projection. Some believe it aids in helping the wearer remember what it was they did while out of their body, retaining the wisdom learned. Blue Sapphire is said to increase one's intuition, mental clarity, and spiritual prowess, all of which can assist in spiritual growth. 

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So whether you wear it to feel more regal like that of royalty, or you wear it to use it for the metaphysical powers it's believed to possess, or you simply wear it because you find it beautiful, one can never go wrong with September's gemstone, the Blue Sapphire. For more on Blue Sapphires and other precious stones, please feel free to contact us.

September 16, 2019 — SWCreations Jewelry