It won't surprise you to hear that the jewelry color of the month is the same as the birthstone, the deep red of garnet.  Providing a stunning contrast to the grey skies and white, snow-bound land, garnet gives us a spark in the long winter month of January.

Fire and Ice

Nothing is more dramatic than mixing the color of the month with pearl for a true fire-and-ice combination.  These earrings give the appearance of snow on fire with the mother of pearl drop under garnet Swarovski Austrian crystals.

garnet mother of pearl earrings

Another garnet and pearl combination is this handcrafted garnet, gold crystal, and pearl beaded anklet.  Like a snowdrop being hugged by two small flames, this anklet will spark up your outfit even more with the accent of gold crystal beads.

garnet pearl anklet

Girl on Fire

You can be the 'girl on fire' with this beautiful ring of garnet around your neck.  Made with garnet gemstone tubes and finishing with a stunning sterling silver, garnet and hematite pendant, this handmade gemstone pearl beaded necklace will leave them breathless.

garnet gemstone necklace

Like the tips of flames in a bonfire, the freshwater pearls in this anklet only serve to accent the deep red garnet and the bright rubies.  The rubies dance like the large flames, while the garnets are the embers, burning deep and hot. 

garnet pearl anklet

Garnet can give us warmth in winter, and color when all else is drab and cold.  If you'd like to contact us, we can help you choose the garnet jewelry that will represent your style, and give you a bit of flame this season.


January 26, 2017 — SWCreations Jewelry