The Peridot gemstone, Augusts’ birthstone is a rare and most beautiful gemstone.  Thought for centuries to have the remarkable ability to help alleviate problems, cultivate good experiences and improve one’s rapport with others.  The complex unique green color tones reveal a beauty almost indescribable in words.  As Augusts’ birthstone Peridot was a gift from Mother Nature, providing multiple colors from light yellow-green, bright green to an olive dark green.

peridot gemstones

In the Middle Ages Peridot was believed to have reflected the cosmos.  When worn by a noble man or a leader they would be looked upon as decent, compassionate and sensible.  Peridot was believed to be and was referred to as “the gem of the sun,” by ancient Egyptians.  Many different types of gemstones including Peridot were known to be used by some of the most well known Egyptians.  Cleopatra was even known to have worn this rare and beautiful gemstone.  Peridot gemstones displayed in jewelry were found by archeologist within the area Cleopatra had rained.   She was thought to have worn jewelry adorned with peridot, in a cuff bracelet or even around her neck.  One of the oldest known Peridot mines was located on a remote island in the Red Sea; Zebargad an island which is named after the Arabic word Peridot.

For centuries the Peridot gemstone was known to only be found only at night, reflecting the nights light.  Natural Peridot gemstones are bright, clear and sparkle as the light hits the surface.  Peridot has a sultry stunning appeal with amazing luminous-green color tones.  In ancient time when Peridot is worn, it’s known to offer confidence, abolish the bearers’ insecurities and even rid a person of thirst during a fever if placed under the tongue.  Peridot was also thought if crushed into a fine powder and administered to a person suffering from asthma it would cure them of their ailment.  Peridot was believed to have the ability to abolish enchantments and nightmares, and when set in gold would help utilize the bearer’s full potential.  Peridot was also known to give confidence emotionally and physically.

In the mid 90s, the largest deposits of high quality Peridot was found in Pakistan, 13,000 feet in the mountains of Kashmir.  The Peridot gemstone ranks no higher than a 7 on the Mohs scale for hardness. This gemstone is to be gently cleaned, handled with care and will last lifetimes.  As the official birthstone for the month of August the Peridot gemstone was designated to also signify/memorialize the celebration of a 16th wedding anniversary.  Astrologers say if you are to wear Peridot during your marriage, your marriage will be full of happiness.  Men and women across the earth have worn this beautiful August gemstone for centuries.  Ancient royals and even during Biblical times people have wore the Peridot gemstone as a symbol of power, wealth, promote peace, success and good luck.

Peridot can be the perfect gift to a friend, new born baby or a loved one born in the month of August!  Peridot birthstone beaded jewelry can be customized with peridot gemstones or Swarovski crystals.  Sparkling vibrant green Peridot gemstones have been worn throughout the centuries adorned on vests, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even tiaras.   If you were born in the month of August then you are blessed enough to have such a beautiful birthstone that offers what every person seeks…prosperity.


August 20, 2012 — SWCreations Jewelry