The October Birthstones,Tourmaline and Opal are set apart from other birthstones by their dazzling rainbow colors. Rubies, amethysts, emeralds; all of these stones have intense and gorgeous color, but none of them have the diversity of the October birthstones. Perhaps because of their unique coloration, opals and tourmalines are surrounded by myth, superstition, and folklore.
tourmaline birthstone jewelry


Tourmaline is a stone that can be found in every color of the rainbow, and is often found with multiple colors. According to one Egyptian legend, the tourmaline passed over a rainbow as it made its way up from the center of the earth, and took on all the colors for itself. Another legend states that magicians in the Andes mountains crafted magical staffs of tourmaline which contained ancient knowledge of the world.

Because of its mystical colors, common folklore surrounding the tourmaline includes its ability to cure depression, attract friends and lovers, and inspire creativity.


Because of its glittering and magical appearance, opals have garnered hundreds of legends and myths to explain their creation. Arabic legends tell of opals being born from flashes of lightning, the Greeks believed them to be the tears of Zeus, and in a legend of India the goddess of the rainbow was turned into the stone which became the opal. Australia, the homeland of the opal, has many legends of its own as well, one of the more famous stating that opals sprang from the earth at the touch of the Creator's footsteps. One aboriginal legend even credits the opal with the creation of fire; according to this story, a pelican came upon a field of glittering opals and, being curious, began to peck at them. As he pecked, the fiery stones sparked to life and a fire spread for the first time.

Opals were thought to ward off disease and protect the wearer from evil; in medieval times, blond woman even believed that the stones would preserve the color of their hair. 

Opals and tourmalines may not have magical powers, but one thing is for sure; these colorful stones are as unique as they are beautiful. October may be over, but these magnificent gemstones never go out of season. To find the best of opal or tourmaline jewelry, contact us.