Precious and semi-precious stones have been honored for many centuries. The folklore concerning them is definitely fascinating. All cultures treasure the stories that go back to the beginning of history.


Birthstones Originated in the Bible

It is believed that the Breastplate of Aaron is the origin of birthstones. Exodus 28, 15-30, calls for the twelve stones of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, corresponding to the zodiac signs of the time, be set into four rows. Since our calendar month system was not known at the time of Exodus, birthstones became more commonly associated with a person’s calendar month of birth.

Found in Caves

Jewelry and other uses of gemstones have been found in caves that are said to have been inhabited more than 5,000 years ago!

Ancient Uses

The ancient Romans, Babylonians, Egyptians, and Greeks revered these stones and used them for many uses from talismans to medicinal cures to burial items. Emperor Nero supposedly watched the gladiator games by looking at them through a large emerald!

Imperial Topaz

The golden topaz changed color when in the presence of poisoned drink or food. Therefore, many royals made sure the stone was put to use, and that is how it got the name “imperial” topaz.


This stone has many legends surrounding it. The Apache had a number of uses including attaching one to a weapon to improve its accuracy, putting one in a horse's mane or on its bridle to make the horse sure-footed, and wearing turquoise to prevent them from breaking a bone or taking a fall.

The Zuni used turquoise to protect them from demons.

The Navajos believed that if they threw a piece of turquoise into a river while they prayed to the rain gods, they would be blessed with rain.

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