Aquamarine is a beryl gemstone which beautifully ranges in pale blue, blue-green, and teal. Legend states it originated in the treasure chest of mermaids. Sailor's made it their "lucky stone," and even Romans and Greeks believed it kept them safe. No wonder the name derives from Latin words meaning water and sea! Adopting aquamarine as the March birthstone took place in 1912 and it is also the planetary stone for the month's opening zodiac sign, Pisces. 

march birthstone aquamarine

Although there are many places the stone comes from like Columbia, Zambia, and Madagascar, the most valuable aquamarine is found in Brazil. But even though this unique stone makes an extraordinary jewel in bracelets and necklaces, being a stone promoting peace and clarity, its healing powers are much more intriguing. By wearing it, holding it, or keeping it near you can access its abilities. Here are four healing properties of the March birthstone you didn't know until now!

  1. Activation of the Throat Chakra: Being the strongest stone to do such, it stimulates energy from the heart to the throat which allows one to see their inner truth.
  2. Increased Spiritual Energy: Aquamarine is a stone of empowerment. With that being, it helps people express their inner knowledge, intuition, and communicate feelings.
  3. Stress Relief: With its calming energy, this stone heals grief and difficult emotions.
  4. An Awakening Meditation: Meditating with aquamarine can bring new insights from your higher self as well as peace and serenity.

Basically, investing in an aquamarine stone or piece of beaded jewelry definitely has some amazing perks besides looking great! You can accessorize while opening your state of mind. In the brilliant words of Carl Jung, "Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens."