The zircon is a type of mineral that belongs to the family of nesosilicates. Zirconium silicate is the chemical name and Green, brown, red, golden yellow, and colorless are the natural color of Zircon. The Matura diamond are colorless minerals that has the gem quality and are very popular as a substitute for a diamond. They are not be confused with the cubic zirconia which is a synthetic mineral with a totally different chemical composition.

blue zircon gemstoneZircon came from the Arabic word zarqun which means vermilion, the Persian word zargun which means golden colored. The yellow zircon is commonly called the hyacinth which is a word originated in East India. During the middle ages, people called all yellow stones as hyacinth, however today, this term is only used to describe or identify the yellow zircons.

The traditional birthstone for December is the Zircon.

If not for its presence in the crust of the earth, Zircon is a great and remarkable mineral. They are primarily found in igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. The least abundant type of zircon is the Large zircon crystals. Zircon is one mineral that is found worldwide and is a very common accessory. These minerals can be found in Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, Quebec, United States, Italy and so on. The largest producer of zircon which accounts to 37% of the world’s total production, Australia is the leading country in zircon mining. The zircon can be found in a wide variety if colors. They can be seen in black, colorless, hazel, yellow, brown and red. Below gem quality, zircons can be changed by heat treatment. It really depends on the amount of heat being applied to the mineral. They can be changed to blue, golden yellow, and colorless.

Zircons are commonly used as insulator and as an abrasive. It is a gemstone that is seen in a wide variety of colors and characterized by its great brilliance, clarity and fire. Zircon was known as an amulet for people who are traveling during the 11th Century. It is one gemstone believed to protect people from insomnia, disease and injury. It is also used ensure the traveler for a warm cordial welcome on where he will travel. The zircon, according to ancient civilizations was believed to hold magical powers and used to fight evil. It was used to fight the black death which is the great plague that killed almost all of the population of Europe. The zircon was the most popular prescribed medicine to those people who can’t sleep, to stop poison and aid a proper digestion.

The most rare and the most prized zircon is known as the red gemstone. The zircon, with a well-placed knock can be easily broken because it is a brittle stone. However, despite its poor hardness, the zircon is still a very valuable stock because of its brilliant beauty. It was even mentioned in the book “Arabian Nights” because it is considered to be the favorite gemstone of the Arabs.

Article by Rita Mae Badrina

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October 08, 2013 — Stephanie White