April showers bring May flowers, so what better birthstone than diamond to represent that glistening awakening? Like nourishing raindrops on a sunny day, clear diamonds cast dazzling rainbows whenever exposed to the sun.

diamond birthstone gemstone

In fact, it was once believed that diamonds were made by the very rainstorms which loosened them from their deposits and swept them into riverbeds. The ancients who found diamonds washed ashore likened them to the tears of the gods, fallen stars. Some even believed that diamond gemstones were the physical manifestation of lightning bolts.

Then as now, the classic white diamond represented clarity of thought, purity of heart, and the joy of new life. April also brings with it the joy of new life, and wholly embraces the symbolism of the diamond. As a result, April’s birthstone has long been given as a token of rebirth and everlasting love.

Diamonds are forever because they’re nearly indestructible. In fact, diamond derives its name from the Greek word for “invincible.” This is because April’s birthstone is the hardest natural occurring material in the world, and scores a perfect 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. Nearly impervious to scratches, it is the most durable gemstone for daily wear.

Additionally, diamonds have long been used in industrial applications like engraving, carving and cutting. But even an industrial diamond carries with it the hint of springtime romance because during the Renaissance, lovers used uncut diamonds set in so-called “scribbling rings” to etch their names in window glass.

In light of this legacy, diamond’s practicality, utility and beauty should make it the ideal birthstone. Unfortunately, many April birthday girls have to satisfy themselves with white topaz or diamond simulants because diamonds are prohibitively expensive and beyond their budget.

This is not because diamonds are exceedingly rare. On the contrary, industry vaults are filled with them. Moreover, perfect synthetic diamonds can be produced for just a few dollars and Memorial diamonds can even be made out of the ashes of loved ones. No, the prohibitive price of diamonds has to do with the expense of mining and industry price-fixing. That, combined with diamond smuggling in war torn nations, has tarnished the good reputation of an otherwise peerless gem.

But those born under the sign of Aries and Taurus should despair neither at the bad press nor the encroachment of the wedding business on their birthstone. Certified “conflict-free” diamonds can be purchased from Canada and diamonds come in all the hues of springtime flowers—not just wedding white. These colored so-called “fancy diamonds” are actually rarer and more valuable than their icy brethren, and perfectly in keeping with the spirit of an April birthstone.


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