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When the search is on for quality handcrafted anklets, Designer and Artist Stephanie A. White has created custom, one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry since 1999.  Stephanie designs beaded anklets for the sheer beauty and emotion they emit while wearing them.  As an artist, Stephanie uses many color combinations, mingling pieces together to create a unique design relevant to you and you ankle.  Not only are her beaded anklets beautiful, they enhance the beautiful contours of a woman’s leg.  SWCreations offers pieces with such unique qualities, such as:  glass bead anklets, crystal anklets, handcrafted gemstone anklets, elegant beaded anklets, handcrafted pearl anklets and even more fun, unique designs. 

SWCreations is all about custom beaded jewelry, creating each piece with a broad vision of beauty and art!  If there is something in particular you have in mind, Stephanie can create a custom bead anklet to your exact specifications.  Designing a custom beaded anklet with any color combination, using only the very best gemstones, glass beads and/or Swarovski crystals.  SWCreations is well known for customizing beaded jewelry by using colors, such as: white beaded anklets, clear beaded anklets, red beaded anklets, blue beaded anklets, purple beaded anklets, green beaded anklets and yellow beaded anklets.  If you find something similar among Stephanie’s creations, but it’s not exactly to your taste, just send her custom anklet order request she will get back to you right away. 

There’s nothing better than a sparkling gift for you, or a jewelry gift certificate for a friend or a family member.  The quality of handcrafted beaded jewelry is carefully created by an adoring and devoted jewelry lover and designer.  As an artist, Stephanie places her love and care into each piece allowing every earthy tone, fanciful design or even a wacky work-day Wednesday to emit some fun emotion for the day.  Beaded anklets are for any occasion, so take a look and find the style that adds pep to your step! Plus it doesn’t hurt to show off those beautiful legs!!

July 01, 2013 — Stephanie White

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