Using jewelry to best accent your own unique features involves more than just picking out pieces that appeal to you. Just as you choose clothing and cosmetics that accent or mask certain facial or body features, proper choice of jewelry can help you look your best. 

Silver or Gold? Which Best Suits My Complexion?

In general if your skin has a warm tone, gold chains and fittings may be the best choice. Silver is often more flattering for cool complexions. Not sure if your skin tone is warm or cool? See this wikiHow article for assistance in assessing your skin tone and choosing complimentary jewelry.

Which Style Earrings Will Enhance My Facial Features?

purple gemstone earrings

If your face is oval, you can wear just about any type of beaded earrings, but round shapes are often recommended.

Conversely, if your face is round, you may look best with square, or better yet, rectangular or oblong earrings. Long and narrow styles offer the illusion of a more oval face.

Those with rectangular faces should choose short or round shapes.

Heart shaped faces beg for earrings wider at the bottom to create balance.

Are your features diamond shaped? Long dangling, curving styles will help you look great.

Think round to widen a narrow face. offers a great reference for selecting the perfect shape to accent your own best features.

What's My Neckline?

alexandrite gemstone necklace

The shape of neckline is the most important clothing feature to consider when seeking jewelry pieces, especially necklaces. Jewelry. short, or long, which mirrors the shape of the neckline normally looks fine. 

A general rule is to choose a necklace or string of beads which rests at least an inch or two above or below the neckline of your clothing. This keeps the jewelry from getting lost behind or blending in with the garment. 

Low or plunging necklines can be paired with necklaces of various lengths, depending upon which of your personal features you'd like to accent.  

Occasion, Occasion, Occasion

It doesn't make sense to wear a priceless heirloom for a quick trip to grocery shop. Selecting the right accent pieces for the days activities is of obvious importance.

Jewelry that is comfortable, and doesn't get in the way of tasks or offer too much distraction is best for days at work. Simple pieces with small settings are best for most career positions.

Fun jewelry in themes that showcase favorite pets, hobbies, or quotations is best worn for casual occasions.

Evening events and formal parties are the times to wear bling. Consider the amount appropriate for the type of event and those in attendance.

Personal Style and Preferences 

Jewelry is a means of self-expression in addition to being an accessory to enhance appearance. Refer to the guidelines listed above, then select pieces that suit your personal style. Designs you love.

At SWCreations, we custom craft one of a kind beaded handmade jewelry. We even offer the service of custom ordering - the chance to design a piece which accents your best features and suits your preferences. Ready to check out our services and offerings? Please contact us. We look forward to assisting you in looking your best!

December 18, 2019 — SWCreations Jewelry

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