Anklets has been worn by women for 8,000 years. (yes! EIGHT THOUSAND years!) Women in South Asia were rocking what were known as pattilus and payals 8,000 years ago. Women in Egypt were wearing them since predynastic times. In the US, formal and casual ankle bracelets came into fashion around the 1930’s.

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They are also an important piece of jewelry in Indian marriages, worn along with saris. At one time, anklets were worn on both ankles and joined with a chain to limit the step length. In Southeast Asia, this was prevalent to give a “feminine” short tripping step. Today, a few people still follow this practice, but very rarely in public. And even less common, some women have permanent ankle chains.

In todays world, the meaning of an anklet is a lot more relaxed, but the meaning dates back centuries.

Anklets used to be a way for women to signify their social rank and their wealth, it wasn’t just a fashion statement! Women of lower social classes used to wear leather anklets to bring good luck and fortune in their future.

In India, women who are married would wear anklets with charms so that you would hear them walking. It was said to be a way to alert men and family members to greet her with respect and not say anything bad that she could overhear.

In modern times, as we know, wearing anklets have spread and worn by people all over the world. Some traditions are still present, like Indian women wearing anklets on their wedding day, however, it isn’t as closely associated with the same meaning as it did back in ancient times.



I mean think about it, what if instead of engagement rings, we wore anklets! Meanings have definitely changed but there are some modern meanings that people talk about. Mostly about which ankle you wear it on.

Some believe if you wear the anklet on your left ankle that it signifies you are married but in an open relationship. However, this theory doesn’t hold much weight and isn’t followed as closely as older traditions were. It is referred to more as a rumor as countless people wear anklets on both ankles, not caring about the placement for the meaning and rather which looks cuter on them!

As you can see there is a long history of anklets! And this is only the surface. There are many meanings that can be associated with anklets, but all that really matters is what it means to you! If you are thinking about rocking a gorgeous anklet, head over to our collection and check it out!

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