If there is one item of accessory that has transcended time, it’s bracelets.

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Time and time again, jewelry trends have defined entire eras in popular culture. The 70’s are characterized by pristine beaded pearl necklaces, while the 90’s are characterized by colorful beaded bracelets — a trend that has even re-emerged in 2021! Beaded jewelry has always been viewed as a fashion staple, but there’s so much more to it than that. Its simplest and most wearable form, beaded bracelets, is worth talking about in particular. They’ve been worn in many cultures throughout history and hold a special significance for many. Here’s why!

Historical Significance of Beaded Bracelets

Beads are easily the most ancient material used in jewelry. The earliest forms date as far back as 10,000 BC. The origins of the earliest beads were in forms like eggshell beads, bone beads and glass beads—these are often attributed to the African region.

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In ancient Egyptian, Roman and African cultures, handmade beaded bracelets were worn for spiritual purposes. In the US, the earliest recorded usage of glass beads in jewelry was by Columbus himself. Many of the earliest bead forms were used for trade as a form of currency.

Different Types of Beads in Different Cultures

Beaded jewelry and specifically beaded bracelets hold distinct spiritual values in cultures in all across the world.

The Native Americans associate specific gemstone beads (especially turquoise) with wealth and prosperity; the Africans associate bone beads and colorful beads with social status and beauty; and Indians associate pearls and white beads with purity. Today, you’ll find many more types of beaded bracelets across regions.

Reasons to Buy Beaded Bracelets

1.    They Have Spiritual Benefits

The biggest appeal of natural gemstone beads is the healing properties they’re believed to possess. For spiritual people, wearing beaded gemstone bracelets symbolizes their spiritual connection with the natural gems. For example, turquoise beaded bracelets are used to harness good fortune while amethyst beaded bracelets represent purification.

2.    They Can Last Forever

Depending on the bead type, your beaded bracelets can last a long time. Natural gemstones can fade under long-term exposure to external conditions but synthetically manufactured beaded bracelets can last a lifetime with proper care. Stretch beaded bracelets may require restringing over time since the rubber will degrade. However, proper handling (rolling the bracelet on and off instead of stretching it) can increase its lifespan. There are online vendors that you can contact for restringing loose bracelets!

3.    They’re Fashionable and Unique

Bracelets are a subtle accessory, but beaded bracelets made of vibrant beads take your accessory game to a different level. They help you achieve a bold and beautiful look with little to no effort. Handmade beaded bracelets, in particular, are one-of-a-kind products.

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October 12, 2021 — SWCreations Jewelry

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