If you are just now starting to get interested in handmade jewelry, you probably have a few questions. When you are searching for handcrafted pieces, you will be in a total different environment from your typical jewelry store and you’ll be looking at a completely new style. Why walk out of the department store and start looking at handmade beaded jewelry?

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It is Unique

Our jewelry is meaningful to us. Typically, we give a lot of thought to the pieces that we choose so it is disappointing to go out and see another woman wearing the same exact thing. We want to think that our jewelry is special. If you are looking for a unique reflection of you, you need to choose unique jewelry.

This is especially important when you are giving gifts. When you care about someone, you want to show it through a thoughtful gift. Choosing a unique handcrafted piece is much more meaningful than just grabbing something that is on sale at your local jewelry store.

You Are Supporting Local Arts

If you are going to make an investment, it is important to know that your money is going to the right place. Rather than supporting huge international corporations, why not give your business to a local artist? Why put your hard-earned money toward some company’s advertising campaign when you could be supporting creativity?

It is great to narrow it down to a few amazing jewelry makers. Once you find a couple of favorites, you always have a go-to place. You know that you love their style and can always find exactly the sort of handcrafted piece that you are looking for.

It’s Less Expensive

Because you aren’t paying for advertisements or the rent on mall shops, you can get a great price on handcrafted jewelry. Sure, there is a ton of cheap fashion jewelry out there but its quality doesn’t compare to that of handmade pieces.

August 22, 2013 — SWCreations Jewelry

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