Have you ever seen a flower that so inspired you with its deep, vibrant colors that you wished you could have something permanent that would give you that same feeling?  What if you could?  Can beaded jewelry be a form of floral poetry?  When inspiration comes from the garden, the colors will be true, and you can wear your favorite flowers all the time.

As an example, the bright fiery colors of the Fire Opal Ladybug beaded bracelet will transport you right to the garden with glass ladybug beads. The fire opals paired with cream seed beads will bring to mind the colors of the red and white parrot tulip.




fire opal beaded ladybug anklet

The Fuchsia Pink Topaz beaded anklet will instantly transport you to a garden of delicate dusty roses. With Swarovski crystals in fuchsia and topaz, and pink seed beads with pewter and hematite, you will feel like you are wearing tiny roses around your ankle.

fuchsia pink topaz beaded anklet

Is a riot of color more your style?  If you love the zaniness of tons of zinnias bobbing their colorful heads in the garden, then the Cobalt Blue Amythest gemstone anklet will be your cup of tea.  Including the happy colors of amethyst gemstones, cobalt blue Swarovski crystals, and pink, purple, and lavender seed beads all with silver, this anklet nearly smells like zinnias.

cobalt blue amethyst beaded anklet

When you get your inspiration from the garden, you open a whole world of colors and textures. When you bring the garden in, and make it permanent, make it wearable, then you've made some amazing beaded jewelry.  Contact us and let us know what flower inspires you.

June 17, 2016 — SWCreations Jewelry

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