When you invest in handcrafted jewelry, you want it to last! There are few things more frustrating than opening up a drawer full of tangled jewelry. Save yourself some trouble and set up an easy storage system. Taking care of your handmade jewelry will help it last forever.

If you are wearing your jewelry often, you have to deal with tarnishing. Moisture and metal don’t work well together. Your lotions, cosmetics, or just regular washing can cause ugly discolorations on your favorite pieces. To prevent this, try to minimize your handmade jewelry’s contact with water. Take all of it off when you wash your hands or shower. Carry a plastic bag with you or stash one in your bathroom so you can keep your pieces away from water but not have to worry about losing them.

storing beaded jewelry

It is also great to have a jewelry cleaning cloth. Handcrafted jewelry often has an intricate design so it’s important to get in all of the nooks and crannies when you clean.

You should always plan to store your jewelry rather than toss it away. Even if it seems out of fashion now or you are just plain tired of it, keep it! Store it but store it properly. Use your jewelry cleaning cloth then stow it away in a jewelry box. You will be happy that you did later when you come back to it.

Storing your jewelry is like having a small jewelry shop in your house! The handmade pieces that look out of fashion now can look great again next year or even in a few months. That is the great thing about fashion jewelry. Trends may come and go but typically it all works in a circular fashion. It’s also great to hold on to special jewelry so you can give it away as keepsakes later if you really decide you won’t be wearing them anymore.

how to store your handmade jewelry

If you travel often, consider investing in a travel bag for jewelry. If you are looking to make your bedroom look more decorative, look for a jewelry holder that puts your favorite handcrafted pieces on display.

If a few of your handcrafted necklaces or bracelets have gotten tangled, consider having them restrung. When a piece is handmade it can be difficult to find matching beads so don’t wait until the string breaks. If it looks stretched, stop wearing it until you have it restrung. Most jewelry designers will restring handmade jewelry for a small price so it’s well worth it.

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