We entered 2022 with much uncertainty and a sort of budding optimism that this year is bound to be better than the last. Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, shares that the color of the year reflects those very sentiments. Very Peri was, in fact, a new shade created to “place the future ahead in a new light”. The color has made its way to several spring 2022 collections; from Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and Valentino— maybe even to a few pieces in your closet. If you’re wondering how to style your jewelry with this gorgeous color, we’ve got you covered.

very peri lampwork beads

Pair with neutrals

To those who still aren’t accustomed to wearing colorful jewelry, using them as statement pieces is a great way to experiment and get comfortable. For instance, dressing in neutral colors will ensure that your Very Peri jewelry will stand out, and it also lets you easily build your outfit around your statement piece. Mixing neutral colors like white, beige, gray, and black are fool-proof ways to rock the color of the year. Be careful about neutrals on the middle of the spectrum, as shades of tan, khaki, or olive could potentially clash against the Very Peri tone if not chosen well.

Match your jewelry

Wearing bright jewelry colors is one of the top jewelry trends for this upcoming year. Those who enjoy wearing bright colors and vibrant jewelry would definitely enjoy pairing up their Very Peri pieces with other existing pendants, charms, and jewels in their collection. Colored gemstones are also all the rage right now: amethyst, iolite purple jasper stone, purple fluorite, and purple jade are some of the most popular choices among trendy consumers. Don’t hesitate to express yourself by layering on the accessories.

Play with colors

For the fashionistas who love to play with unique color combinations, the color of the year also pairs well with pink, mint green, and other pastel colors. These shades can really mesh well with the soft undertones of Very Peri. You can also opt for orange and yellow as complementary colors. The styling, of course, is completely up to you— you can try rocking a tanzanite choker with a playful pink bodysuit, or maybe some iolite drop earrings with a bold, orange blazer.

very peri color of the year jewelry trends

Go Monochromatic

In fashion terms, monochromatic or single-hued outfits are both figure-flattering and extremely simple to style. While other brighter and more vivid colors can be intimidating when chosen as the focal color of your outfit, Very Peri is rooted in shades of lilac, lavender, and periwinkle, making it more pleasing to the eyes and so much more wearable. Snap-on some Very Peri jewelry encased in silver or gold, whichever matches your skin tone best, and don’t be afraid to play with lots of layering and texture to break up the monotony of the color.

Simply put, the Very Peri color is a gorgeous, versatile color that can be worn in lots of different styles. Jewelry lovers are sure to have a great time incorporating this color into their daily looks. We hope we’ve offered valuable style inspiration— head on over to our blog for more jewelry articles, or to our shop for pieces to add to your collection. 

Article contributed by Rebekah Jane

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March 14, 2022 — Rebekah Jane

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