handmade gemstone earringsWhen it comes to creating a truly amazing earring, you can't resort to diamonds alone. Some of the best designs feature a combination of gemstones and glass beads. While some of the most expensive earrings do feature a single stone, one of the biggest trends in jewelry design is including multiple colored gemstones into unique earrings. Use this quick guide to learn more about gemstones that look good on handmade jewelry and how they can drastically change your look. Remember, many of the colors gemstones have can also be captured in glass beads.

Step 1: Decide What You are Going for

In order to choose the best stone combination, you need to decide what kind of look you want. If you want earrings that will look great with anything you are wearing, you may want to choose a more reserved color combination. Garnet and topaz, for example, have a great yellow to brown hue that catches the eye and works with almost any outfit. If you want a more personalized look, you may want to choose your birthstone or a brighter stone, such as emerald, amethyst, rose quartz or sapphire.

Step 2: Choose the Right Number of Stones

One of the most classic earring styles features an odd number of stones: a colored stone on each side and a diamond in the middle. This helps draw attention to the diamond while adding a welcome splash of color. Unique earrings can use glass beads to recreate this look or make a whole new one.

Creating the perfect earrings can be easy. To see examples of great handmade earrings, please contact us today.

November 13, 2016 — Stephanie White

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