Bali is a place where ancient volcanoes peak out from swirling mist, golden beaches stretch into tranquil azure seas and the silver is among the finest in the world. For generations, Bali silver has been prized for its purity, durability and beauty, and the art of silversmithing has been passed down from father to son on this tiny island for over 400 years.  My artisans used Bali silver beads in their handcrafted beaded jewelry designs today.

bali beaded jewelry

With so much history involved, the Balinese have turned the beautiful art of crafting silver into a fine-tuned science. Made entirely by hand, the smiths weigh, measure and melt a meticulous combination of 92.5 % silver and 7.5 % copper to form a stunning sterling silver creation. Once the silver has been made, the Balinese are famous for their delicate, yet intricately detailed designs, which mimic the majestic splendor of nature found on the island.

SWCreations uses .925 Bali silver beads in all beaded jewelry in either the oxidized finish (appears more antique) or the bright finish look. We use only authentic Bali silver beads, handcrafted in Indonesia as opposed to “Bali style beads” which are a lackluster imitation of the real thing.

In addition to their prowess in the creation of silver, the Balinese people are highly skilled goldsmiths, gold being the metal of choice for centuries among the island’s royal family. We use authentic Bali gold vermeil beads, which are created by electroplating 24 carat gold over Bali .925 silver beads.

Whether gold or silver is your particular vice, Bali beads add an exotic touch to any style of beaded jewelry, carrying the beauty and spirit from the island of Bali to the far reaches of the globe.

July 27, 2012 — SWCreations Jewelry

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