Owning at least one piece of handmade jewelry is a “must-have” for every closet. It can be from a one of a kind that you have searched for or a piece you pick up while you are on vacation. Handmade jewelry has a certain appeal about it that you can’t help but want one for yourself. My theory is because of the effort and love that the artisans put into their craft. There are still some people who don’t entirely understand the draw behind handmade jewelry, so I have created a short break down for you!

Purple Lampwork Bead Earrings

  • Every piece has a story.

You become part of the story when you get a piece of handmade jewelry. Each artisan has their own reason for designing jewelry and you get to be a part of their story. Maybe you are the only one who knows the true meaning behind the piece, but that is exactly it is so special.

  • You are supporting a small business and real people!

When you buy handmade jewelry, you are supporting a small business and you are getting a real connection with the artist. As opposed to when you buy from a large corporation, you have no idea where your money goes.

  • No Machinery Used

This one might be a little obvious, since “handmade jewelry” would imply it was made by the hands but just to clarify! A machine is able to crank out a lot of units, but the quality of the design won’t be nearly as carefully crafted as one made by a person. The biggest different is attention to detail! There is a considerably longer amount of time spent which means the piece you are buy has a lot of love and attention put into it.

  • Handpicked Materials

Artisans who make jewelry take pride in their work, which means they only use the best materials. They want their pieces to be unique and not like anything else you would find in a store. All materials are hand picked with intention and they have their clients tastes in mind. The best part about this, is not only that you get the best material that is of stellar quality, but it creates something that can’t be replicated by machines or anyone else!

  • One of a kind

Every piece of jewelry that is made has is own unique qualities. These are pieces that you can’t find in a store or something that is mass produced. When you’re the only person with a piece of jewelry, that says a lot about you. It is something just for you, every time.

purple lampwork earrings

If you are interested in a piece of handmade unique jewelry please contact us or shop around! Thank you for supporting something bigger than yourself!

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