Anklets are an often-overlooked but undeniably attractive piece of jewelry. They have been popular in Eastern cultures for centuries, and they have experienced ups and downs in popularity in the Western world over the decades. However, with such versatility and charm, anklets have the potential to be a timeless accessory. With summer coming up, an anklet could be the perfect finishing touch to your warm-weather look.

So Many Styles

Anklets are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials. Whether you prefer crystals or gems, simple or ornate, there is an anklet to perfectly match your style. At SWCreations, all of our anklets are hand-crafted with your uniqueness in mind. Our collection of anklets features many different bead and gemstone choices to fit your personal taste.

purple beaded anklets

Outfit Ideas to Rock Your Anklet

Anklets are a wonderful accent to your summer wardrobe and bring a bit of bohemian sensuality to any outfit. A lovely beaded anklet will accentuate your sun-kissed legs when shown off with a pair of shorts or a flowy summer skirt. The right anklet is also the perfect complement to your swimsuit as you walk along the sandy beach or lounge by the pool on hot days. On cooler nights, anklets also look great peeking out from cuffed jeans.

The Perfect Shoes

A great way to complement your anklet is with a pair of shoes that make you feel fabulous. A pair of low sandals or flip-flops would look great at the beach. A pair of heels with an elegant anklet would be ideal for a night on the town. Or if you're so inclined, anklets look just as beautiful with bare feet!

Other Accessories

Another way to take your summer style to the next level is to coordinate your anklet with other accessories that look great together.  You can't go wrong with a pedicure and polish in a shade that complements the colors of your anklet. Consider the other jewelry that you're wearing, as well. Matching colors and metals will enhance a pulled-together look, while mixing and matching creates a fun, eclectic vibe.

To find the right anklet for you, or to customize your own, contact us for more information.

June 09, 2019 — SWCreations Jewelry

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