I have always called this a "mommy gift", but the actual term is apparently a push present. Commonly given to a new mother after giving birth, a push present is a moment for a keepsake gift. Jewelry and birthstones are frequently given on these occasions. It is a great way to celebrate a new arrival and to show your love.

sapphire crystal earrings

One of my dear friends is becoming a first-time mom next week. In years past, my friends and I would have hosted her baby shower where we all celebrated together. We also would have had a surprise "sprinkle" where we filled her freezer with food, put lotions and treats on her bedside table and left notes of encouragement around her home. We would have been available to hold the baby when she is fussy or to help my friend learn the art of how to perfectly swaddle that beautiful new baby. The pandemic has shifted all of these plans. We will still drop off frozen dinners and we will still "shower" the new family with gifts, but the face-to-face contact cannot be. This makes every little other detail more important.

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I phoned her husband yesterday to inquire if he'd gotten her a gift yet. Actually, I called him to tell him to get her a gift! He had not thought of it and was very pleased with the suggestion. Of course, his first question was, "What should I get for her?". My answer was simply- jewelry! And to make it easy, I told him to get her something with the January gemstone, garnet. I know she will be thrilled when she opens the gift and, as she wears it through the years, she will fondly remember receiving it on the special day she became a mother.

Just in case you don't know much about birthstones, here is a list of them by month.

January - garnet birthstone 1) January Birthstone – Garnet
February - amethyst birthstone
2) February Birthstone – Amethyst
March - aqua birthstone
3) March Birthstone – Aquamarine
April - crystal birthstone
4) April Birthstone – Diamond
May - emerald birthstone
5) May Birthstone – Emerald
June - opal birthstone
6) June Birthstone – Pearl or Opal
July - ruby birthstone
7) July Birthstone – Ruby
August - peridot birthstone
8) August Birthstone – Peridot
September - sapphire birthstone
9) September Birthstone – Sapphire
October - pink zircon birthstone
10) October Birthstone – Opal  or Pink Zircon
November - topaz birthstone
11) November Birthstone – Citrine or Topaz
December - blue topaz birthstone
12) December Birthstone – Blue Topaz

The birthstone is just one way to go with the gift idea, you could also opt for a pretty pendant or lovely bracelet to show her how special she is to you! As I assemble a little basket of goodies to put on her front step, I am planning on adding a beautiful beaded bracelet in the center of the bow to make my friend smile. I hope that when she wears it, she will feel love.

January 22, 2021 — Kevin Hermansen

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