If we rewind back, the color purple used to be a way to differentiate wealthy people from the commoners. The main reason for this was because making clothing that was purple used to take a long time to make because the extraction process was long winded and difficult. This made it only affordable to those with a large amount of money. But since then, the symbolism of purple has significantly changed. So what does wearing the color purple mean and what does it do to your mental state?

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For starters, purple encompasses the calmness of the color blue but also the passion of red. This causes the color purple to both calm and stimulate the wearer. It can help with having focused insight while being introspective. Purple also symbolizes creativity and can foster a revival for our senses. While it is a stimulant, it can also encourages calmness and quiet that is imperative to be able to make intuitive, inward observations.  Purple cultivates a sense of harmony between conscientiousness and peace.

Purple is a color that is extremely attractive. It is considered one of the most appealing colors in the rainbow, and this is likely because of the combination of the warm red tones with the cool tones of blue. Those who wear purple shouldn’t be afraid to attractive a little extra attention because since it is so rare in nature, when the human eye sees purple, it is special.

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Purple is associated with being playful and quixotic. It is cheerful and helps the wearer escape from reality. Wearing purple shows independence and an ability to connect the boredom of everyday life with innovation and imagination. Purple also symbolized bravery and courageousness. The Purple Heart is a prestigious award that is given to military members who are injured will in the line of duty. Those who wear purple exude creativity, high morals and big goals.

Purple is also associated with the crown chakra. Chakras are energy centers in the body that are in charge of managing bodily functions. The crown chakra is in charge of the brain and the nervous system. This is turn connects the wearer to the infinite consciousness and will help guide them to a deeper level of spiritual understanding. Those who wear purple are often looked at as someone who is spiritual.

Since purple is so rare in nature so it is connected to mysteriousness and the unknown. So purple can range from anything to being royal or mysterious. What is your reason for wearing purple?

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July 11, 2021 — Kevin Hermansen

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