Wearing handmade beaded jewelry can be an addictive expression of individuality. The variety of styles, colors, sizes, shapes and all around diversity of features one can find in beaded jewelry is quite probably limitless. The spectrum of choices also make it possible for nearly everyone to find something unique and wearable regardless of age or gender. The scope of variance caters not only to one's personal taste but a one of a kind piece can be had for a pleasingly affordable price. So not only does the range of various beaded jewelry serve the wearer's eye, but the wallet as well. In fact should it be desired, a beaded wallet itself is quite possible. 

crystal beaded earrings

Beads are the oldest way of decorating and self-ornamentation known to man. Ancient humans used animal bone, wood, stone or other natural materials to make beads with by shaping, polishing, piercing and finally wearing. In Europe, the history of using beads dates back over a thousand years. The French were using beads as decoration by the seventeenth century as were the Native Americans in North America.

Over time the beads adopted many different meanings for the wearer. In India black stones are said to ward off negativity thus are often used as a child's first piece of jewelry usually in the form of a tiny bracelet. Today, and for countless years past the zodiac assigns a stone to each month of the year. Throughout history the stone of one's birth month has been said to have certain benefits for the wearer. Gemstone and crystal beads can be had for a higher price than their glass counterparts but are quite worth it to the sophisticated bead enthusiast.

kunzite gemstone earrings

At SWCreations the spirit of meaningful, original and wearable beaded art lives on through our unique collections of unique beaded jewelry.

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August 25, 2019 — SWCreations Jewelry

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