When searching for pieces of jewelry to add to your collection, it should not only be a representation of taste but also your personality. Finding those pieces to add to your chest should take about as much effort as finding the right dress to wear to a cocktail party or finding the perfect handbag. Any jewelry aficionado understands each piece that is added to their collection has a story of origin. They are also able to tell you what and why that particular piece is so special to them. All jewelry is not created equally. With that in mind, your jewelry should be a clear and unique representation of YOU.

handmade heart earrings

Whenever you take a trip to a conventional jeweler; have you ever noticed that all the settings and styles are strikingly similar and traditional? Even though these styles and settings are equally as beautiful to wear as well as to look at; what if you are a person with traditional roots but developed a more Avant-garde sense of self along the way? Chances are the traditional jewelry selections that you come across no longer suit your personal needs. For the many individuals that fall into this category, there is a different approach you can take to this personal Catch-22. That approach is to search for a jeweler that produces custom items by hand.

Have you ever heard the term artisan when it comes to describing items that are personally handcrafted? If so, you are not alone. It is very common to question the difference between handmade and artisan jewelry. The good news is, there is no definitive answer. In fact, both terms can be used to describe custom made items such as jewelry. No matter which term you use, you can be rest assured that the item you purchased came from the hands and mind of a true artist.

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To provide a more clear example, let's take a piece of furniture that requires assembly. You put that piece of furniture together screw by screw, bolt by bolt until it's completion. Does this self assembled piece of furniture qualifies as a handcrafted item? Unfortunately, it does not and here's why. The concept was already developed by the designer who probably sold its prototype to a particular company. The company in returns creates the parts needed in mass quantities for consumer use. So the chances of that "unique" piece of furniture you have "assembled on your own" is sitting in someone else's home also.

Purchasing handmade jewelry is a similar investment in buying an art piece for your home of finding a unique cocktail dress to wear to a dinner party. It should be a clear representation of you as a person as well as your personal taste. Always remember that any company that produces duplicates of one item is not considered truly handmade. These would typically be described as limited edition or custom jewelry designs. Custom jewelry will create the jewelry in the color and size you specify. To experience the alternative to conventional jewelry please contact us and see how you can share your jewelry's next story of origin.

September 09, 2019 — SWCreations Jewelry

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