The art of crafting beaded jewelry by hand is one that predates much of human history. Even before the first written words were invented around 6,000 years ago, people were making ornaments out of stone, bone, and other materials to be worn on the body. Gold necklaces have been found in ancient Babylonian archaeological sites which are estimated to be around 8,000 years old. It seems that jewelry has existed as long as civilization itself, and throughout history has been most often made by hand. 

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Jewelry Through The Ages

For thousands of years, most kinds of jewelry were made of organic materials such as teeth, bones, and seashells. Precious metals and gems were rare and required extensive effort to obtain. As societies grew, raw metals, gems, and ores gradually become more common. The same methods that had been used for generations were adapted to these precious stones, and the practice has only continued to grow. By the seventeenth century, jewelry makers were using a variety of materials including glass, crystals, and beaded gems. As materials become more diverse and widely accessible, jewelry artists have kept up the tradition of crafting them into fitting forms to adorn the body. Since then, jewelry has significantly expanded to the point where nearly everyone has access to it. No longer limited to the richest and most powerful, it's become a form of wearable art for anyone to possess and treasure. 

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A Beautiful & Storied History 

Given the sheer age of the craft, it's safe to say our ancestors have nearly always had an eye for the glamorous and beautiful. The art of jewelry has changed a lot from the days of mere shell and bone, but the basic principles have remained the same. Handcrafted pieces tell a story of their own about their maker and the one who wears them. Just as history itself is full of unique human stories, every piece of beaded jewelry has something unique and beautiful to say.

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October 16, 2019 — SWCreations Jewelry

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