Do you have a piece of beaded jewelry that you don't wear? Maybe it's out of date, or it's broken. It might be too small for you, or too big or heavy. Or there are a few nice beads, but the whole thing is...well, it's ugly.

But you just can't bear to get rid of it. The piece evokes wonderful memories of someone you loved who wore it, or your own memories of a treasured time when you wore it yourself, or of someone who gave it to you.

memory jewelry

Why not pick out a few of the beads, and have them incorporated into a beautiful new piece of jewelry? No one else will have anything like it, and every time you wear the new piece, it will stir memories of the old.

SWCreations can combine gorgeous new beads and patterns with your old treasure for a unique piece of handmade jewelry. Here are some suggestions.

  • Make the old bead a "centerpiece." One medium to large old bead makes a beautiful focus point of a new necklace or bracelet, with the new beads designed to complement the colors of the old one.
  • Re-use a pendant. An old pendant or even a large old bead looks beautiful dangling from a beaded chain, or surrounded by sparkling new glass beads or pearls.
  • Consider earrings. If all you can use of the old piece are a few beads, pick two of them and have them redesigned into earrings.
  • And remember, if you love the old necklace or bracelet and it's too small, try ordering an extender from us. Extenders are short chains, either plain or beaded, that clip to the necklace's closure to give you extra length.

Old beads redesigned into new jewelry make fantastic family gifts. One old piece can yield enough beads to make several bracelets or earrings. Imagine all the women in the family, sharing the beads from grandmother's necklace in new, custom-designed pieces. And what a wonderful way to welcome a new bride or new mother!

New jewelry from old beads truly defines "heritage jewelry." For a custom piece, contact us.

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August 12, 2015 — SWCreations Jewelry

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