When the Chloe Diamond sold at auction it sold for 16.1 million dollars, an impressive amount that made this intriguing little gem the 9th most expensive jewel to ever sell at an auction. The next time it is sold it may fetch even more because of its fascinating history.
the chloe diamond

This diamond was not cut on a whim, but the exact cut was planned out meticulously, a process that took two full years, and the result was an 84.37-carat diamond that received a 19 in grading from the GRA. There is no higher score.

Then the diamond was sold at a Sotheby's auction to a Guess jeans magnate, Mr. Marciano, who named the diamond after his daughter, Chloe. Years later, Mr. Marciano got a divorce and rumors flew that he might have a prescription drug problem and that his elaborate and over-the-top job search for a nanny for his children was just a cover for a private dating service since his children lived with their mother.

His erratic behavior continued as he began to suspect that he was missing large sums of money and he made wild unsubstantiated allegations. Eventually, many of his employees sued him for libel and won.


He tried to declare bankruptcy and even went so far as to say the Chloe Diamond had been given to his daughter, this claim was proven to be false. The diamond was seized in bankruptcy proceedings, but Mr. Marciano got it back. According to the EraGem Post article, "The Chloe Diamond: An Intriguing Story, (or a Story of Intrigue" by Angela Magnotti Andrews, 

"Today, the Chloe Diamond faces an uncertain future. It’s possible the diamond will eventually be seized and sold, likely at auction, to pay Mr. Marciano’s debts. However, for now, he maintains possession."

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