From Cleopatra to Selena Gomez, the anklet has been a staple of beauty, grace, and feminine mystique throughout the centuries. It's surprising that many aspiring fashionistas are at a loss when it comes to creating goddess worthy outfits that feature this signature piece. With our assortment of handmade beaded pieces and custom designs tailored to fit any size and style, we're here to inspire the free spirit within every woman. Here are 3 Unique Ways to Wear Beaded Anklets this summer.

Bohemian Beach Beauty

Accessorizing classic swimwear is the latest summer trend to make a splash. Pair anklets with a bright top or bottom for a color pop sensation. Our custom pieces are perfect for matching any swimwear. From shimmering violet aqua to sunset amethyst, each handmade piece captures the spirit of the shoreline. Anklets work well with flip flops and sandals to create an effortless summer casual look. For added flair, consider layering with beaded jewelry. Long necklaces and dangle earrings complete this shore bound mermaid chic.

purple beaded anklet

Midnight Faerie 

Anklets are a unique item to dress up after dark. Best paired with a midi skirt and solid heels or wedges, beaded jewelry can add subtle shimmer to your favorite little black dress. Although many fashionistas associate ankles with gypsy chic, free spirited style need not be relegated to casual fashion. In fact, designer Marc Jacobs thought anklets deserved to be layered atop black pumps and strutted around town. Subtle materials work best for evening wear. Pearl beaded anklets create ethereal beauty with timeless charm. For the adventurous moonlight pixie, try loosely layered anklets in a variety of lengths.

funky beaded anklets

Party Like It's 1999

It's no secret that the 90's are making a comeback. Anklets were made to be rocked with rolled cuff jeans or cut off pants. Paired with tennis shoes or flats, beaded jewelry can complete a grunge chic assemble that positively smells of teen spirit. Dungarees are the latest fashion staple to make a return and offer the perfect center piece to layered anklets or a single beaded accent. Throw on some round glasses and a crop top, and you're ready to go!

Have a favorite style you'd like to share? Let us know! We're here to celebrate the beauty and creativity inside every woman, one anklet at a time.

August 22, 2018 — SWCreations Jewelry

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